The Electronic Music website (for Music 8,  51, and  77) has moved:


Spring 2015 Electronic Music Classes

The De Anza College Music Department offers two electronic music classes for the upcoming spring 2015 quarter. Registration starts near the end of February (register early to ensure your spot in the class!) and classes  start in early April. You are invited to take these classes, and here is a bit of information to help you select the right one for you:

Music 51: Introduction to Electronic Music meets on Monday/Wednesday at 12:30-2:20. In this class you will learn about using powerful software to create music — primarily we work with the Logic X program, though you’ll be able to apply what you learn to other apps, too. The class is open to all students, and while it is helpful if you have some basic experience making music, there are no prerequisites for the class. Course credit is transferable to CSU.

Music 8: Intermediate Electronic Music  meets on Tuesday/Thursday at 12:30-2:20. Most students take this class after completing Music 51, but if you have experience with music software you may be able to enroll directly in the Intermediate class. A primary focus of the course is on “sound design,” the creation of your own sounds and other resources using the Reason  and the Logic applications. Late in the term we learn how to combine both programs and link them together to create a powerful multiple-application music environment. Course credit is transferable to CSU and UC.

Special note about Music 8: Intermediate Electronic Music.  We do not offer Music 8 every quarter. The spring term will be the last time it is scheduled until 2015! If you are interested in this class, enroll now — and enroll early!

Contact Dan Mitchell at with questions.

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